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This Week on The Screening Room 7/31/16

This Week on the Screening Room

By Kimberly Donahue Will Tarashuk was joined by Travis Martin this week with spies on the brain following the release of the newest installment in the Bourne series, Jason Bourne. Will’s never been one for spy movies, but is aware of…


Rosamund Pike Joins Cast of “High Wire Act”

News Articles, William Tarashuk

Rosamund Pike earned an Oscar nomination for her performance in last year’s Gone Girl. Now she will star opposite Jon Hamm in a film called High Wire Act. Pike has made a name for herself in recent years in films…


3 more names added to Bruce Willis Detective Comedy.

Joy Jones, News Articles

Bruce Willis Detective Comedy has now officially Included rapper Tyga, Famke Janssen, and Adam Goldberg In Mark and Robb Cullen’s new comedic adventure we learn what a man will do to save his best friend. Things get personal between a…


3rd official Fantastic Four trailer released

Danielle Moskowitz, News Articles

The third Fantastic Four trailer was recently released, featuring Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman (Kate Mara), Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic (Miles Teller), Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan), Ben Grimm aka The Thing (Jamie Bell),…


“Joy” teaser trailer finally released.

Mandela Wells, News Articles

This coming fall and winter is around the time of year when many award worthy films get released. One of which is David O Russell’s Joy. Joy sees O Russell reunites for his third collaboration with Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De…


Paul Walker’s brother Cody cast in his first official film role

News Articles, William Tarashuk

Remember that story in Jaws that Quint told on the boat about how he was one of the sailor who fought off sharks after his army boat sank? Well, Hollywood is making a movie about it called USS Indianapolis. Robert…


Batman vs Superman:Dawn of Justice Comic-con Trailer released

Opinion Articles, Travis Martin

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has just released a new trailer, featuring Superman (Henry Cavill) facing of against an older, suspicious Batman (Ben Affleck). In the trailer, there are scenes of Batman’s motivations for wanting to fight Superman, snippets…


Bill Nye Documentary in the works

Blog, Mandela Wells, News Articles

You’ve seen him on over a 100 episodes of Bill Nye: The Science Guy, you know him as a science educator and now Bill Nye is getting his own documentary about himself.The film is being handled by Seth Gordon who…


“Suicide Squad” footage from Comic-con released in higher Quality

Mandela Wells, Opinion Articles

It has truly been a long time since i was this obsessed with a trailer for a movie and i cant seem to stop looking at the first bit of footage for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. At first i was…


Ennio Morricone set to score Quentin Tarantino’s ” The Hateful Eight”

Blog, Mandela Wells, News Articles

Legendary Italian composer Ennio Morricone will return back to the Spaghetti Western genre for the first time in four decades as he has agreed to score Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. Morricone has previously scored for other films in this…

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