By Sam Bussell


According to Variety, David Fincher is set to direct the sequel to World War Z.

The talented filmmaker will be reunited with actor Brad Pitt in which both worked together on films such as ‘Seven‘ and ‘Fight Club‘.

While Fincher was reported months ago to be in talks to direct the sequel nothing came to fruition and it seemed that this team-up would just be a dream but after months it seems that dream is now a reality.

World War Z was a troubled production from the start and went through many reshoots and rewrites, however in the end with the help of Brad Pitts star power and well received reviews from critics people came out and the film became a box-office hit which is prompting the sequel.

New chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos has not green lit the film but hopes to have it in production by early 2018.


The World War Z sequel has no official release date as of yet.