By Travis Martin



The release date have been revealed by 20th Century Fox for upcoming X-Men films, along with new information on the specific X-Men storyline. The release dates are April 13, 2018 for spinoff “X-Men: The New Mutants” and June 1, 2018 for “Deadpool 2. However, the biggest reveal is of an X-Men film titled “Dark Phoenix, which will come on November 2, 2018.

For those unfamiliar with the significance of “Dark Phoenix,” The Dark Phoenix Saga is the most famous storyline of the X-Men comics. It centers on character Jean Grey, who loses control over her immense psychic powers. She is transformed into the Dark Phoenix, who begins fighting her own friends and even blowing up an alien planet. This causes said alien race, the Shi’ar, come into conflict with the X-Men as they both chase after the Dark Phoenix.

The storyline was hinted at in “X-Men: Apocalypse” near the end of the film. The Dark Pheonix Saga was the basis of “X-Men: The Last Stand, but was received poorly by X-Men fans and critics. Sophie Turner was cast as Jean Grey in the film, but it is unknown if she will return for “Dark Phoenix.” No other casting or director have been announced, but Simon Kinberg is writing the script.