By Kimberly Donahue

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Hayley Marks joined the gang this week for her first News Update of the semester. With Oscar movie season approaching, the Screeners looked back on what has been an overall….interesting Summer season.

With much reflection, here are your Screener’s favorite Summer 2016 movies

Will Tarashuk: Neighbors 2

Liv Klawonn and Patrick Hopkins: Star Trek Beyond

Hayley Marks: Finding Dory

Most overrated movie: Star Trek Beyond

Most underrated films: Neon Giant, The Conjuring 2, The Lobster

Compared to past summers, everyone thought this season fell flat due to the fact there were too many sequels.

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News on The March

Members of the Batman fandom celebrated National Batman Day on September 17th.

Batman Vs. Superman director Zack Snyder tweeted a photo of himself in front of the Bat Signal.

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While on the subject of Batman, the new Lego Batman movie poster has been released. The Screeners are particularly hoping for a Lego Batman Vs. Lego Superman. 

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The upcoming Dr. Strange film has been given a no spoiler synopsis.

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This is the story of the of a world famous neurosurgeon whose life changes forever after a car accident leaves him without the ability to use his hands.

The 1950’s flick High Noon  starring Gary Cooper is scheduled for a remake.Official Movie Poster

In more reboot news, the film Predator  has an upcoming remake starring Benicio Del Toro.


Netflix has bought the rights to a new series on young Barack Obama called Barry. 

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Thanks, Obama

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared a new poster and trailer for the highly anticipated, Moana film, scheduled for opening this September.


Official Movie Poster

A new mystery film, Nocturnal Animals has released its first trailer. The film stars Amy Adams as a recently divorced woman who receives a mysterious book in the mail from her author ex-husband, played by Jake Gyllenhal, that she takes as a threat.

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A sequel to Pacific Rim is in production. Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, which is set to take place years after the original film,  is set to star Cailee Spaeny, Charlie Hunmann, and Scott Eastwood.


Jason Clark has been announced to star opposite Dame Helen Mirren in the upcoming film, Winchester. 

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Official Movie Poster

Edward Snowden, a frustrated National Security Agency member, releases several techniques and government secrets. Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives a surprisingly great performance. If you’re looking for the full story, this might not be the film for you because it is like a “diet history”. Despite the fact the film would make sense coming out 20 years from now, it is still entertaining. SEE IT

Blair Witch 

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A group of friends venture into the woods to find one member’s missing sister. If you can deal with found footage films, this could work out for you. The found footage and actors themselves are fine. However, there was a slow beginning and nothing really new. It did not live up to the first movie and it seems that it’s setting itself up for a franchise no one want.


Bridget Jones’s Baby

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Bridget Jones has made the decision to focus on herself and a single life. This all changes when she finds out she’s pregnant. Patrick finds it very recipe-like, overcooked and cliché, but Renée Zellweger did a fine job. You can SEE IT if you’re not Patrick Hopkins.


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Top 10 Summer Blockbusters of All Time

10. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

9. Alien

8. Spider Man 2

7. The Dark Knight

6. Raiders of the Lost Ark

5. Back to the Future

4. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

3. Jurassic Park

2. Star Wars: Episode V

1. Jaws

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This Week at the Box Office

  1. Sully $6.5 million
  2. Blair Witch Project $4 million
  3. Bridget Jones’ Baby $3 million
  4. Snowden $3 million
  5. Don’t Breathe $1.6 million

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