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By Kimberly Donahue

Will Tarashuk was reunited with Patrick Hopkins after a few weeks off. Due to the release of DC’s Suicide Squad, they kicked off the show with an intense superhero discussion.  DC Comics has been trying to out-do Marvel since The Avengers came out, but their films cannot compare despite the exciting characters. Will thinks DC’s strongest character is Batman and believes Adam West has the best portrayal.The hosts unanimously agreed that Heath Ledger is the best Joker in history as they described “it was terrifying… and it killed him”.

News On the March

Move over 2012, 2018 is real end of the world…for film. In 2018, over 40 “blockbuster” movies are scheduled to open practically every movie of the year.

Some movies include: Toy Story 4, 50 Shades Freed, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, , and Mary Poppins Returns.

Will and Patrick think because of the amount of films, it will be hard for any of them to make a significant amount of money because there’s so much competition.

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Oliver Stone, director of the movie Snowden has a message for moviegoers: TURN OFF YOUR PHONES.

The hosts think that whether or not the audience is on their phone is the ultimate test of whether the movie is engaging or not.




Superman’s first comic debut is worth $956,000. It originally was sold in June 1938 for 10 cents.



Delta Airlines is showing an edited version of the movie Carol, skipping over all the intimate parts, and fliers are unhappy.

The film follows the lives and romance of a lesbian woman and her partner. Considering this kind of relationship is not that abnormal in 2016, Will and Patrick were surprised that ideas like these still not make the cut for an airline film. According to the guys, if a company is going to heavily edit a film, they might as well put on a different movie.


Mel Gibson and Sean Penn are slated to star in The Professor and The Madman.

mel_gibson_cannes_2011_-_2_cropped       sean_penn_by_sachyn_mital_cropped

Deadpool 2, scheduled to open in 2018, will poke fun at superhero sequels

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5 Things Young Producers Abroad Have In Common


  1. Empowerment: In Turkey, local films are more anticipated than Hollywood blockbusters.
  2. Comedies are a win, arthouse is likely a bust
  3. Straight is the Gate
  4. Global is Local
  5. The Rub: Digital, Theatrical Overseas


Movie Reviews 

Suicide Squad

A secret government agency brings together super villains in order to save the world. Will and Patrick thought it was a fun movie, but Patrick believed the dialogue was sub-par. Will thought it was trying too hard to be Guardians of the Galaxy and that there were too many characters to make sense. They also found a lot of plotholes. Will Smith saved the movie without outshining characters like Harley Quinn and The Joker.

On The Joker: It’s very hard to follow Heath Ledger, almost too soon to redo it. Jared Leto took a very different approach to the character compared to  Ledger and Jack Nicholson. Leto gave a very good “mob boss” mentality, making his character  more out there.


The guys say see it.

Nine Lives

A businessmen finds himself trapped inside the body of his family’s cat as a result of a lightning strike.

The guys don’t understand how Kevin Spacey, who is spectacular in House of Cards can stoop this low to a film like this. Does anyone even want to see this kind of film? It’s aimed at kids, but there’s too much business talk for them to understand.



Front Cover

A gay fashion stylist works with a Chinese movie star and they go on a journey of self discovery.

It’s a pleasant, heartwarming, cliché film, but it’s geared towards a specific audience. It had some good themes, but could’ve been done better.

FullSizeRender 2

See it if you’re interested in seeing a heartwarming film, otherwise you can skip it.

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Top 10 Will Smith Movies

10. Hancock

9. Independence Day

8. Hitch

7. Shark Tale

6. Bad Boys 2

5. Men in Black

4. Ali

3. I-Robot

2. I Am Legend

1. The Pursuit of Happyness


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