By Travis Martin



Film adaptions of Chuck Palahniuk books, such as “Fight Club” and “Choke, are as strange as the books that they are based on. Now, Palahniuk is taking a hands-on approach, as he is writing the script for the film adaption of “Lullaby. Palahniuk and the film’s director, Andy Mingo, are currently on Kickstarter to raise funds for the film. While Palahniuk has never been involved in the productions of past adaptions, he is participating in “Lullaby” due to, as he puts it, “To get it right. It’s never right enough as a book. I want another shot at it.”

The horror/sci-fi book, published in 2003, centers on reporter Carl Streator, whose wife and infant son die after reading them a lullaby from a book. Streator discovers that the lullaby he read was actually an African culling song that has killed numerous people who heard it. Streator then decides to hunt down every book that was published with the culling song.

The film currently needs to raise $250,000 for its budget. So far, the movie has raised $193,230 with 2,421 backers. Because of its modest budget, the crew that is being made will be working almost for free. For those who wish to donate money to “Lullaby,” click the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/footsteps/chuck-palahniuks-lullaby

Image by Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22206.Lullaby)