By Mandela Wells



4 stars are all set to team up for a new drama film on the topic of gun control. Jessica Chastain (“The Martian”, “The Huntsman”), Gugu Mbatha Raw (“Beyond the Lights”, “Concussion”), Alison Pill (“The Newsroom”, “Cooties”) and Michael Stuhlbarg (“Steve Jobs”, “Doctor Strange”) are all set to star in the film that will be known as “Miss Sloane.”

Chastain will be playing a powerful fixer named Elizabeth Sloane and the film mainly focuses on her quest to secure legislation that would help improve gun control in the U.S. Sloane is said to be a complex character who also has a past with abuse.

Mbatha Raw will be playing a pro gun control lobbyist with a secret. Stuhlbarg is said to be playing a “foul mouthed Irishman, who wields considerable influence.” Finally Pill is presumed to play a member of the Gun Lobby that Sloane is going up against in the movie.

“Miss Sloane” currently has no set release date or starting production date.