By Mandela Wells



I am not the biggest fan of stop motion animation. Films like “Wallace and Gromit“, and “Chicken Run” were not great films for me. They were just really silly and that style of animation was just really weird to watch. “Anomalisa” however was much better than those pictures and actually the stop animation was done right here, or at least visually it came out better. I am not going to lie I actually really liked the title of “Anomalisa”, its nice. Despite all this though, I must say that the story and overall direction for “Anomalisa” was very strange and made it not a stellar film but a decent one nonetheless.

Michael Stone is an author who has flown into New York for one day to give a speech on customer service. Michael has a hard time deeply connecting with people. however that all changes when he meets a stranger by the name of Lisa who seemingly brings out the side of Michael he has kept dormant for the longest time.

So as I mentioned the stop motion was done much better here than past films I’ve seen. As a matter a fact it was incredibly well animated stop motion and it all looked so real. I think this is the most realistic and truly human stop motion film I have ever seen.

The writing is very real and down to earth. It makes you think a situation like this is possible. It really is thought provoking. It did however get a little weird outside of Michael and Lisa’s relationship.

David Thewitles does a very good job here as this lonely fellow in Michael stone. He plays this man that unexpectedly finds the thing or this case the person to fill the hole in his empty life. This is arguably a career best for this veteran British actor. Jennifer Jason Leigh also did a fine job playing Lisa. Lisa’s introduction really got the story going after the lackluster begining. She really portrayed through voice acting this woman with all kinds of insecurities but deep down is a real beautiful sole and is the kind of woman David needs. It was very strange hearing Tom Noonan play every other person in here. I think it’s kinda lazy that the casting director couldn’t get any more voices, more less the appropriate voices for this

“Anomalisa” is an ambitious project that is deserving of it’s award nominations and overall praise. Fantastic work here from director Charlie Kaufman. If you’re a fan of Kaufman’s work this is the movie for you.

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