By Travis Martin



Star Wars has returned with a massive stride thanks to the release of “Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Now, rumor has it that Disney is planning on releasing the original theatrical version of the original trilogy on Blu-ray.

Fans have been wanting a high-definition version of the unaltered movie for some time, with some fans having edited special editions themselves. However, George Lucas has refused to release anything, claiming that the special editions are the “true vision” of Star Wars.

Now, I think it’s good if fans who were not even born when the films were released want to see the original form; however, I am questioning whether it is right to mess with Lucas’ vision of Star Wars. Yes, Disney now owns it and is developing its own expanded universe, but this is still Lucas’ creation and his version of “definitive.” Though, it could be argued that these unchanged versions can make up this new universe that Disney is planning.

Look, the rights to a piece of art belongs first and foremost to the artist and I somewhat respect Lucas for wanting to protect his own version of his universe. However, I think what Lucas failed to realize is that once the film is out there, changes to the original go against an audience’s version of it. So, let the audience decide whether they prefer the original version or the special editions.