By Travis Martin



The upcoming crime thriller, “Triple 9, has just released new character posters for each of the main stars of the film. The movie, directed by John Hillcoat, centers on a group of corrupt cops and criminals forced by the Russian mob and its boss (Kate Winslet), to pull off an impossible heist. However, in order to keep the cops distracted, the gang’s leader (Chiwetel Ejiofor) decides that, while half of the crew is robbing the bank, the other half will target murder a cop.  This act initiates a 999 call, code for “officer down,” where all cops must go to the location of an officer down. However, things don’t go as plan when the cop they targeted, rookie officer Chris Allen (Casey Affleck), somehow survives.

The film will also see Anthony MackieNorman ReedusAaron PaulGal GadotClifton Collins Jr., and Woody Harrelson. The script is written by Matt Cook. “Triple 9” is set to release February 19.