By Travis Martin



One of Stephen King‘s greatest novels, “The Dark Tower,” is finally being made into a movie.

Writer and director Nikolaj Arcel is currently beginning to cast the film, with Matthew McConaughey rumored to be a front runner as the villain: The Man In Black. However, another rumor has circulated that actor Idris Elba will play “Dark Tower” protagonist and gunslinger Roland Deschain.

Now, I actually think that Elba has the acting prowess to portray the worn and wise Roland. Having read the books myself, it would be interesting to see Elba as he travels through a world that has moved on and fulfill his destiny, or ka. But, I do believe that there are other actors who can play Roland.

Here are my top four choices:

1. Christian Bale

He’s already portrayed a cowboy in “3:10 to Yuma” and he has already given some gruffness and grittiness to Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy. It would make sense for Christian Bale to play the lone gunslinger as he traveled the wastelands of his old world.

2. Javier Bardem

This Spanish actor, I believe, can play equal part hero and villain, as evident when playing Anton Chigurh in “No Country For Old Men” and Silva in “Skyfall. He has also proven he has the ability to portray the tenderness underneath Roland’s hard exterior in roles such as openly gay artist, Reinaldo Arenas, in “Before Night Falls” and as dying fortuneteller, Uxbal, in “Biutiful.

3. Denzel Washington

A character in an equal predicament in a post-apocalyptic world is Denzel Washington’s character Eli in “The Book of Eli. Both are journeying across a dead landscape to a specific location: for Eli, to make it to California to deliver the world’s last bible, for Roland, to find the Dark Tower. Plus, Washington is still able to do action at the age of 60.


4. Jim Caviezel

When I think about who Roland Deschain would look like, I think of Jim Caviezel. His portrayal of John Reese on CBS‘s “Person of Interest” is similar to Roland. His voice, charisma, and general dark tone makes me think that Caviezel playing Roland would fit like a glove. He really does look like Roland in real life and Caviezel is definetly my top choice to play him in “The Dark Tower.”

Cast and preproduction are still underway for the film but “The Dark Tower” is scheduled for release January 13, 2017.