By Mandela Wells



As a young kid I got into Star Wars during the years of the prequel trilogy. At the time I considered all three to be absolutely amazing. Now looking back ” Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” was the only real good one of that trilogy. Yet the lasting images and memories of those films and what they did for me when I was a kid are still ingrained into me and I still remain big fan of star wars. I owned the toy lightsabers, played the games, and even had my own Star Wars birthday party the year “Revenge of the Sith” was released. I went back and watched the original three and man, I must say this is one herald franchise! even if the prequels weren’t all that great. The story arc all together is really awesome

Bringing us to recent years, I was so happy to hear that Star Wars was coming after a decade long absence from the film world. All the originals are back some newbees are in, but we get a lot of what made Star Wars amazing in the first place. This movie provides a new generation of star wars for fans while allowing the old ones to reminisce a little. The Force is strong here and so is this effort by former “Star Trek” director J.J Abrams is he does the near impossible, he made an incredible new installment in the star wars franchise.

The story focuses on two characters Finn (John Boyega) and Rey (Daisy Ridley). Finn is a storm tropper trying to get away from the sinister first order after watching the horrors they have committed. He by chance meets Rey, a scavenger who is waiting for the return of her parents. The two of them embark on adventure that places them in the middle of a massive manhunt for one legendary Jedi, who’s name I will not say. The story also features a new villain named Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) the leader of the first order, and the return of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher).

So first off I cant believe Star Wars is back! this movie was incredible, mind blowing and so much fun from start to finish. magnificently directed and shot. JJ Abrams pays homage to the original star wars but also brings us into a new generation of actual “star wars” as well as Jedi and dark side opposition. he brought performances from the cast and original cast that we never saw before from the previous installments. what he did with star trek really shines again here with this one. Out of all the installments I think the writing for this was the best the dialogue was more potent this time around which shows Abrams nice touch on the story

Harrison Ford was spectacular and slipped back into Han effortlessly. His story this time was sooo fascinating and it was cool to see how different the relationship is now with Leia. Speaking of Leia she reeeeally changed here. She is a strong woman/general now. Nice job Carrie Fisher!

The newbeees this time around gave superb performances. From Oscar Isaac to John Boyega, to Adam driver and for her first role ever in a feature film, Daisy Ridley I was all really impressed with what they did with the characters. They all really brought here. Issac is sort of like the new Han here. same swagger and everything. Ridley’s Rey had so many dimensions to her and it was so well done the arc she goes through here. Same exact thing with Boyega’s finn a storm tropper going good I mean in no installments did we ever see that coming and it was done really nicely. Adam Driver was great as a villain. He sort of shows in evolution of the strongest members of the Dark Side. Darth Maul was a follower with skill, Darth Sidious was just pure evil, Darth Vader was calm but sinister, here Kylo Ren was in some ways insane but strong with the force.

In terms of Supreme leader Snoke, good god that dude is humongous! how in the world are the Jedi in future films supposed to fight someone that huge with the power of the force? All of this is why I am excited to see what Rian Johnson does with “Star Wars: Episode 8” and I’m also looking forward to seeing Benecio Del Toro as a villain, more of the Knights of Ren and even more so “Star Wars Rogue One” next year.

So along with the great sound design and editing being mad sharp and the whole crew not losing a beat, this is one of the best films of the year. See this film soon you must (In my best Yoda voice). Seriously! may the force guide you to your local movie theater to go and watch this fantastic movie.

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