By Will Tarshuk


@Will Tarashuk

James Franco and Dave Franco’s new film, “The Disaster Artist,” has picked up new actors, adding to the anticipation for the film’s release.

It has been reported that Jacki WeaverHannibal Buress, Ari Graynor and Andrew Santino have signed on to join the film which is based on a 2013 novel by the same name.

The comedy, which is being produced by New Line Cinema, can best be described as “meta” as it portrays the making of “The Room.”

In fact, the Franco brothers are putting their own creative spin on the project as they chronicle what has been cited as both “the worst film ever” and “an instant cult classic.”

James Franco will play the director of the original film, Tommy Wiseau, with Dave playing co-star Greg Sestero. The brothers have also brought their friends Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg on board.

A release date has yet to be announced.