By Nick Hintz


While Disney is known for its timeless tales of fantasy worlds, in reality the company also has a penchant for creating large franchises for their creations. In fact, the directors of the studios next animated release, “Zootopia,” seem to be getting a head start on this trend already.

While “Zootopia” is not set to be released to theaters until 2016, Byron Howard and Richard Moore are already toying with the idea of a “Zootopia 2.”

When asked about the potentiality of future stories set in the world of Zootpia, Moore responded by saying, “I think it is [possible], because of the world’s being so vast that it just naturally kind of lends itself to wanting to know more about it. It’s like, because it is such a big place, well, what’s going on there?”

Moore cited his affection for another Disney-owned franchise as his inspiration for the idea as well.

“I grew up on Star Wars and it’s like, what’s behind that, or what if I went down there?… I think that’s kinda of our approach to building these worlds now, or just has a sense of there’s more around the corner.”

Historically, however, Walt Disney Animation hasn’t released many sequels to theaters, with the exception to this being 1990’s “The Rescuers Down Under.” Of course, attitudes have changed with the announcement of “Frozen 2” and rumors of a “Wreck-It Ralph” sequel.

Still, some theatrical releases have gotten short films released as follow ups, such as “Tangled Ever After” or “Frozen Fever,” so the future of a “Zootopia” sequel in any format will ultimately depend on how well the film does when it hits theaters on March 4, 2016