By Mandela Wells



I saw Rocky very late in my life, but I knew about it for some time. Then, when I finally saw it, I was not only impressed by how well-made the film was, but the story itself which was triumphant and a joy to watch on screen. I haven’t seen the other “Rocky” films but, from what I’ve researched, Rocky has gone through quite a journey as the underdog, the champion, and the comeback kid.

Now in Creed, he takes on the role of a mentor when he oversees the training of the son of a man who has been his greatest enemy, only to have him become one of his dearest friends. Michael B Jordan, Ryan Coogler, and Sylvester Stallone tell a captivating story that almost mirrors the first Rocky but adds new elements to showcase the changing of the guard for a new generation.

Adonis Creed (Jordan) has been fighting his whole life. Fighting in juvenile detention facilities, fighting for answers about his father, fighting to be a serious boxer, and fighting not not be a mistake in people’s eyes. Adonis travels to Philadelphia, after years of part-time matches in Mexico, seeing out Rocky Balboa (Stallone) to get him to train him. Adonis wants to fight full-time, but the road is never easy as he learns more about his dad and goes throw some tough hurtles in order to get his chance at the title.

The movie has a powerful message of owning your name, fighting to be your own man, and creating your own legacy. Overall, a really great film! I was surprised at how fantastic it was. This is a purebred boxing film. Everything was honest to the core. Michael B Jordan and Slyvester Stallone have amazing chemistry together and gave memorable performances. In one particular scene, Adonis is fighting to overcome his hardships in life while avoiding making any mistakes while Rocky is fighting for his life and to give meaning to it again. This dynamic was displayed really well on screen and you are truly routing for the main character by the end. His determination, hunger and heart comes off so strongly, you can’t help but root for him.

Jordan gave a knockout performance and brought the same intensity, physically, and at times, just as cocky of an attitude as Apollo and it’s needed for a role like this. At the same time it’s great for us to see the struggle with the name Creed and how synonymous it is in his life. Sylvester Stallone did real well as Rocky again as well and showed the character in a new light. With it being the first time seeing him as a trainer, I think, he played it extremely well. He is an older guy now so he knows his limitations and you can tell he was ready to hand the role over to Jordan.

Ryan Coogler really brought a sense of grittiness with his directing and everything felt really authentic. He captured the same struggle and determination from the original Rocky and I felt we were with the character the whole way. The cinematography was so good it reminded me of how The Wrestler was shot giving the grimy and urban atmosphere of Philly.

After watching this film it kind of makes sense to go this route, after all, it’s hard to take Rocky’s story any further, so why not give it to the next generation. It was simply a fantastic film, you must go see it, you will enjoy it immensely.