By Mandela Wells



I am not really a fan of young-adult films, mainly because most of them suck. Twilight started out good but ended up being really bad, “The Maze Runner” sucks and the “Divergent” series is even worst. “The Hunger Games” franchise has been a surprisingly quality franchise where not one film has been terrible and it was filled with such highly regarded, rising talent. I am a true fan of this franchise and I’m happy to say I read these books and enjoyed them just as I had with Harry Potter.

Jennifer Lawrence was already riding her breakthrough in Winters Bone in 2012, receiving an Oscar nomination and all, when she just blew minds everywhere with her fierce, mature, layered and overall solid performance as Katniss Everdeen. She has managed to keep this up for years alongside her co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

Now years later, having won an Oscar, two Golden Globes, making appearances in Oscar nominated pictures, and possibly gaining a fourth acting nod, Jennifer Lawrence is much different and more confident person this time around in the final Hunger Games installment.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is much more like a war movie but I it’s fitting as all roads have lead up to this point. Katniss is prepared for what she needs to do more than ever and Jennifer Lawrence and her co-stars displayed some of their best acting to date. The film’s acting is tremendous while also being well directed by Francis Lawrence. It’s definitely a great November blockbuster

The story picks up after Peeta’s attack on Katniss, who has now fully grown up and become more confident and resolved. After seeing the terrible effects of what happened to Peeta she makes the decision to kill President Snow. What is meant to be a prop-mission to ignite the revolution turns into a life-or-death assassination mission for Katniss to achieve her goal. At the same time, Peeta slowly tries to regain his memories and love for Katniss, all while chaos is ensuing.

Like I said, this was a really great film. It mixed in horror aspects with scenes that reminded me of Alien and Doom along with the usual romance and action. For me, it was much better than Mockingjay Part 1 , but I will always love Catching Fire. Just like “Harry Potter“, I will miss this franchise since there aren’t really any others to compete on its level right now. I can tell they changed some things from the book as certain events went out of order and little things were changed here and there but it was still a very good adaptation.

Jennifer Lawrence is really great here, as expected. Katniss no longer needs guidance to fight against her enemies and is more sure of herself and ready for war. For Josh Hutcherson, I had mixed feelings about his performance. For about half the film, he was annoying me with the repetitive bursts of insanity as he attempted to sift through his memories and figure out what was real and what was not real. However, in the other half, when he was on a steady path, I believe he gave a stellar performance. Liam Hemsworth was excellent here and truly rounds out from the first film to this strong solider now. He was always for the people and I think, deep down, as much as he wanted Katniss, he always wanted to be the people’s champion and fight for the greater good.

I liked the action scenes a lot and thought it was awesome to see Finnick, Cressida, and the members of the propaganda team fight for the first time, which was a different turn from the politics of the last film. There was a great musical score to go along with the film and the directing from Francis Lawrence was overall fantastic.

The film ended very well and you should definitely see it. It will satisfy your blockbuster cravings until Star Wars is released on Christmas.

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