By Nick Hintz

Disney Animation gave its fans a Thanksgiving treat this week in releasing new clip from the studio’s next big animated feature, Zootopia. This brief look is sure to be hilarious for anyone who has had to deal with a trip to the DMV. In the scene, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) run to the DMV in a hurry to get a license plate number ran quickly to help with a case that they would appear they are solving. However, when they arrive at the DMV, much to Judy’s surprise and Nick’s enjoyment, they discover that the place is entirely staffed by slow moving sloths. They seek the help of an ironically named sloth, Flash (Raymond S. Persi), whose slow efforts in running the plate number are delayed by a joke from Wilde. The duo eventually get what they need, only to discover that they’ve been there so long that night has fallen. The clip of the movie actually serves as a great introduction to who these characters are. We get to see Judy as an eager and energetic bunny while Nick is more of a sly fox who finds humor in messing with her. The sort of basic relationship between these two is clearly laid out in their scene. The clip shows just a small part of their interactions, and leaves just enough out that you’ll likely want to see more. Zootopia will hop into theaters on March 4, 2016