By Megan McGuire

The new trailer for Now You See Me 2 was just released, and just like the original’s trailer, it leaves more questions than answers. But, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Now You See Me’s trailer did a brilliant job of encouraging the viewer to watch and find out about this film, as I am saying from personal experience.

I really liked the first film, and I’m picky with movies. It may have received a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it carried a 71% approval rating from those who saw it. The majority of the movie was a cat and mouse game between police and the Four Horsemen, but I was actually surprised by the ending (no spoilers here, sorry, but there was a twist!). The characters were sneaky, methodological, but you didn’t hate them. I am not saying you sympathized with he Four Horsemen, but I was in awe by their magical acts like the people watching them in the movie.

So when the sequel was announced, I was ecstatic. The ending definitely left room for a second film, which could be taken in so many directions. Watching the trailer, it looks as if Now You See Me 2 is ready to roll.

For one, the Horsemen looked to have evolved. Mark Zuckerberg, Woody Harrelson, and Dave Franco are reviving their roles, along with Morgan Freeman and Mark Ruffalo’s character. But Isla Fischer has been replaced by Lizzy Caplan in the gang, an interesting replacement but still exciting nontheless. Additions to the cast include Daniel Radcliffe, who appears in the trailer to be working with the Horsemen at one point.

And of course, the trailer was a mystery to the plotline, but was intriguing. It includes moments of brand new magic tricks and even bigger illusions, which then leads to trouble. They seem to resurface and come back better than ever. In descriptions, Radcliffe forces the crew to make one last incredible heist, and the Horsemen must try and clear their name.

So eery right?! But again, still so many questions. How will the film explain the loss of Fischer, and gain of Chaplan? How has Ruffalo’s character changed from the FBI? In the trailer, you see glimpses of his beyond belief magical powers (sorry, little spoiler), which was exciting (even though I wanted more). And really, how will the film still be interesting? Will the plot line thicken, or is it another cat and mouse game plus a twist at the end?

Overall, I like mystery, so the trailer entices me. It doesn’t give away a majority of the plot, yet reveals new characters and intrigues with new tricks. The movie looks…good. Maybe great. But I want to know, will it simply be a repeat of the old film? I’ll just have to wait and see.