By William Tarashuk


Philippa Boyens, famous for co-writing The Lord of the Rings trilogy alongside Fran Walsh, is now signed on with Disney to tell another beloved story.

According to Variety, Boyens will write Young Merlin, based off the books by T.A. Barron, for Disney and it is to become part of The Merlin Saga.

In 2002 Boyens walked away with an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for her work in Return of the King. Deadline reports that The Merlin Saga is the perfect material for her and seems to be given to her at the right point in time as she recently finished up collaborating with Walsh and The Hobbit trilogy.

Disney has a similar project in the works with the live action adaptation of The Sword in the Stone but Young Merlin will be animated with a focus on more characters while The Sword in the Stone will adhere more to the story of young King Arthur.

However, there is no word as to when Young Merlin will arrive in theaters.