By Edward Delaney 

recently did a video titled “Top 10 Voice Performances”, and the number one pick was, you guessed it, Robin Williams as the Genie in Aladdin. I simply could not agree more. Although it was just a voice, Robin Williams provided enthusiasm, humor, and emotion of multi dimensions to a 2-Dimensional world. He is not just a huge part of the reason why Aladdin still to this day is my favorite Disney film of all time (next to Toy Story), but as a voice actor he broke new grounds which even to this day hold up. I can still at my age watch my old VHS tape and get all of the enjoyment out of the timeless Disney Classic. Forget about Good Will Hunting, Aladdin is totally where it’s at (partial sarcasm).

It is true that while on the set of Aladdin, WIlliams was constantly cracking jokes so often that they had tons of outtake footage, almost enough for a second feature. Although it was planned out, due to Williams’ Will, using his outtakes is prohibited until 25 years after his death. The outtakes were released in the most recent Aladdin blu-ray, but a feature film as of now is currently out of the question. 

I think that it is right that Disney follows his Will. Even though I disagree with it, I am patient enough to be able to wait 25 years. Then when enough time passes we will see how things go. I am sad that there is no sequel but atleast we will get to see the outtakes and get our laughs out. I bet they are hilarious.