By Mandela Wells


The story of Alice continues as we finally witness footage of the new sequel to the 2010 hit Disney film Alice in Wonderland. The movie is known as Alice Through the Looking Glass and once again our titular character ventures back into Wonderland and finds herself in a much darker situation than she was in before. With Wonderland being swallowed up by time and The Mad Hatter losing his mind it is up to Alice to make it all right again and save her dear friend. As we come to see in the trailer Mia Wasikowska Johnny Depp Helena Bonham Carter and Alan Rickman all reprise their roles in this installment with the newest addition coming in the form of Sacha Baron Cohen who plays the films main baddie Time. According to reports Time is half a clock half a human who has the ability to travel back and forth through different time periods with a special skill hidden in a gold-colored chromosphere.

Also starring in the film are Michael Sheen, Timothy Spall , Rhys Ifans, Toby Jones and Spectre’s Andrew Scott. James Bobin will be directing this feature and the script was written by Linda Woolverton. Expect Alice Through the Looking Glass to hit theaters May 27, 2016.