By Nick Hintz


The voice cast for Disney’s upcoming film Zootopia has been filled out. Already announced were Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps, Shakira as Gazelle and Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde. Now revealed to be joining them is Idris Elba as Police Chief Bogo, Octavia Spencer as Mrs. Otterson, J.K. Simmons as Mayor Leodore Lionhearted, Tommy Chong as Yax the Yak, Nate Torrence as Benjamin Clawhauser, Jenny Slate as Assistant Mayor Bellwether, Alan Tudyk as Duke Weaselton, and Bonny Hunt and Don Lake as Judy Hopps’ mother and father, Bonnie and Stu. The voice cast certainly has some big names, that one could expect with Disney. It’s slightly interesting to note Tommy Chong doing a voice as over the years his former partner Cheech Marin has voiced several characters for Disney and Pixar in films such as The Lion King, Cars, and Oliver & Company. Just as a refresher, as announced in August, Zootopia will take place in a city of the same name where humanoid mammals of various shapes and sizes live together. In this city, the mammals are still separated by classes based on preconceived notions about their species. This makes things difficult for Judy Hopps when she becomes the first bunny on the city’s police force and wants to prove herself. The film will be directed by Byron Howard, who co-directed Tangled and Bolt, and Rich Moore, who directed Wreck-It Ralph. Zootopia comes to theaters on March 4, 2016