By Mandela Wells



Fast and Furious” star Michelle Rodriguez is set to star in a new action film in which her character under goes gender reassignment surgery. This will be the first role in 15 years in which she is the main lead. The last time this was the case was on in her first film ever Girlfight

Oscar nominee Sigourney Weaver is also on board to star in the project directed by Walter Hill. 

The script which was also written by Hill centers on an assassin who is double-crossed by gangsters and falls into the hands of shady surgeon known as “The Doctor,” (played by Weaver) who turns him into a woman. The hitman (now a hitwoman) sets out for revenge, aided by a nurse named Johnnie, who also has her array of secrets.

 Said Ben Said and Michel Merkt are producing the picture. A release date has yet to be announced but filming will begin November 9th.