By Mandela Wells



Oscar winning actress Diane Keaton and Golden Globe nominee Brendan Gleeson are set to star together in a new romantic comedy set in the England. The movie is called Hampstead and it is inspired by a true story.

Keaton will star as Emily Walters, an American widow living on the edge of Hampstead village out in London. Despite having close friendships and a nice flat, She can’t help but worry that she’s drifting through life without a purpose. One day, while looking out across the grasslands and trees, she spots a hut and its unkempt occupant, who appears to have trouble with violent attackers. After calling the police and watching them arrive, she goes to check on the man who’s name is Donald Horner (Gleeson). Horner has lived quietly and peacefully for nearly two decades, but is now facing trouble from property developers who are trying to force him out. Instead succumbing to the circumstances he is now getting Emily to fight in his corner, against her friend Fiona, who is on the side of the developers.

The film will be directed by Joel Hopkins and he will be working from a screenplay by Robert Festinger. It is produced by Robert Bernstein and Douglas Rae from Ecosse Films who are also distributing the picture. Hampstead will start production early next year and most likely be released later on in 2016.