By Edward Delaney 


Let’s be honest. Mad Max: Fury Road was awesome. It was better than that. It combined the art of fast paced storytelling, outstanding visual art, and superb acting to a great reboot of an old franchise. Mad Max: Fury Road was such a success that the studio has already announced a sequel. The character who many people enjoyed was Furiosa, played by the actress Charlize Theron. However according to an interview with director George Miller, Furiosa will not appear in the sequel.

Honestly, I haven’t seen really any other movies with Charlize Theron. I know, I have been under a rock for the longest time. Monster has been on my watchlist for a long time though so I hope I get to that eventually. I personally don’t have very much a preference to whether or not Furiosa will be in the next Mad Max sequel or not. I mean I guess it will feel less like Fury Road, and her character was a pretty important part to the film. Seeing this sequel will feel a little empty, but nothing essential has been lost.

The last thing which should be addressed about Mad Max, is that Oscar season is amongst all of us moviegoers, and although I am the kind of guy who agrees with the Academy Awards a mere 10% of the time the choose winners, I have a good feeling that Mad Max will win the technicality awards which it deserves.