By Mandela Wells



I am semi afraid of heights. I once went up to the very top of the Effiel tower in paris and I was fine for a some floors that were real high up but once we got to the top I started freaking out because we were close to the heavens, and the thing was rigidity as hell. I am amazed and awe of the fact this high wire walker Phillipe Petit who already does something potentially dangerous decided to go up between two towers and walk on a wire that can potentially fall apart if not careful. This man truly knew no fear and had so much determination. The Walk tells us the story of one man’s dream to take his art literally to the next level

Born in Paris, France, Phillipe Petit (Joseph Gordon Levitt) grew up learning multiple skills such as juggling , riding a unicycle and of course tight rope walking. As he got older he practiced and practiced and even learned from an eccentric man and a former tight rope walker himself Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley). Petit one day comes across a magazine that showed the design of the twin towers at the world trade center and he gets the crazy idea to put his wire they’re in between the building. Along the way Petit meets a crazy array of people who all help in his grand scheme that he call’s “Le Coup” but like any impossible dream there are set backs and so a lot of drama ensues but if you know the story you know how it all turned out.

Now cinematically looking at this many will agree that it is Mind blowing! The visual effects were incredible and so real that I felt at times that like my seat was going in the same direction as the camera and it was being tilted down towards the ground below. The story even before the actual Walk is Very jazzy, vibrant fast paced. Its amazing to see how skilled petit was. I mean to have such great arm strength, leg strength, good poisture, perfect balance, intense concentration. I once again Cant believe this actually happened and my parents saw this.

Joseph Gordon Levitt gave a stellar performance as petit he brought out all the determination, artistic flare, even the point where he began to lose it. Robert Zemeckis did a fine job directing this picture that is literally daring while also showing a man trying to chase his dream. It was refreshing to watch a live action story be narrated the entire way through from start to finish. Interesting choice for lighting almost seems natural. This is a Real feel good picture.

What more do I need to say about other than it is A MUST SEE!

Image by Lane Brown (http://www.vulture.com/2015/08/joseph-gordon-levitt-snowden-tightrope.html)