By William Tarashuk



Danika Yarosh is set to join Tom Cruise in the upcoming Jack Reacher sequel. Yarosh is to appear in the much anticipated Heroes: Reborn which premiers on NBC on September 24th. There is the possibility that her schedule may overlap with the filming of the TV show but both parties are willing to work around it.

Jack Reacher brought in roughly $218 million in the box office in 2012 so naturally a sequel would be in the works. Lee Child’s “Never Go Back,” will be the material in which the film will take from. Jack Reacher travels from South Dakota to the Virginia headquarters of the U.S. Army Military Police Corps and finds his new commanding officer has been arrested.

In order to find someone to work with, Cruise flew back and forth from South America, where he is filming his next film, to read scripts with actresses. Cruise and Yarosh had chemistry neither him nor the film executives could ignore. Production of the unnamed film will take place next month as they also look to cast a villain for the film.