By Mandela Wells


The first photo of Bourne 5 has officially arrived and we see a toned Matt Damon, back in the role of Jason Bourne, the role that made him an action star. Damon is shown shirtless, hand covered in bandages in somewhat of a foreign location. The Location may not be a complete surprise as Bourne in the last film dived from a tall story building in NYC into the East River and managed to swim off out of sight. In The Bourne Legacy, although he was never seen he was mentioned as having once again disappeared into Russia but still being hunted.

Bourne was also not seen but only mentioned in the last film, due to the focus being on a different agent by the name of Aaron Cross who was played by Jeremy Renner. There was even a scene showing Cross looking up at the name of Bourne in the log cabin he was staying at in the beginning of the 2012 film.

Bourne 5 has officially begun production and the movie features a cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, a returning Julia Stiles, and Vincent Cassell. July 29, 2016 is the officially release date for the film