By Mandela Wells

Veep’s Timothy Simons and Matt Walsh recently collaborated on a script for a new college football comedy and now they are looking to bring it to the big screen. The duo’s movie will be known as Red Shirt and it will be distributed from Paramount Pictures. At the moment, plot details are being kept secret.

For those who aren’t familiar with the “Red Shirt term in College Athletics, it refers to a strategy used by universities that allows them to suspend an athlete’s participation on a team as a means of extending their eligibility to play. The idea is that the suspended player will attend classes, go to practices, and dress for games, but will not actually play. This can be helpful for schools when a student athlete has an injury, and can’t balance academics and extracurricular activities, or in some cases needs more time to practice.

Ben Stiller’s Red Hour films is on board to produce the flick. Since the film is in its early stages of production a release date has not yet been announced.