After the release of the critically panned Green Lantern film that starred Ryan Reynolds back in 2011, fans had wished and hoped that one day we would get a better “Green Lantern” film. Since then rumors have been going around as to who would play the character next. Some thought he was going to show up on the TV show Arrow but that seems to been put to rest now the conversation has shifted back to a film portrayal of the DC Comic superhero. Over the past year actors Idris Elba, Tyrese Gibson and Chris Pine have been at the forefront of Green Lantern news. Elba and Pine have been deemed fan favorites to take on the character while Gibson has long been making a campaign to play the character. recently other potential names have been thrown into this debate as to weather we should see another version of Hal Jordan or see the debut of the John Stewart version of the green lantern.

other than three i mentioned earlier some say Nate Parker would be a good fit despite having only appeared in a few indies over the years. He brings consistently impressive work to the table and this i think would propel him to great lengths. Trai Byers is another but his name I am not to familiar with yet. However to be apart of one of the most popular spring tv dramas in Empire and breakout in a stellar role from that, can definitely land you big parts such as superhero roles. David Oyelowo could play this role he would just need to get a particular haircut and go clean shaven basically he needs to look somewhat young for this. Though it may not happen due to what he said to The Wrap that he will “tread with caution around the notion of superhero characters,” for fear of his career being pigeon-holed as a result. Other names include Mahershala Ali from the “Hunger Games Saga”, Rob Brown, Stephan Jones, Aldis Hodge and even the young buck Michael B Jordan who i think is a fantastic choice to play John.

I can tell you right now though that Donald Glover doesn’t have a chance at all of nailing a role like this, Omari Hardwick doesn’t really exude any kind of heroic Aura of any kind he is much better off playing complex characters that are either funny or bring the dramatics. I would hope that the people talking about these candidates would be able to tell that Damon Wayans Jr is no where near ready for a superhero role nor a serious film at all PERIOD. Chiwetel Ejifor, honestly i think is too old to play this role despite his amazing talents.

So honestly i think Pine, Elba and Jordan got a damn good shot at getting the part and nailing it but the movie it self is also what needs to be taken into consideration we need a good more improved Green Lantern story. Hopefully we will get that one day.