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Bumblebee Review

Movie Reviews, Sam Bussell

12/18/18 By Sam Bussell  @BussellSamuel  When you think ‘Transformers’ movies you immediately think about the Micheal Bay formula that became so generic since the first film in 2007. Slow motion shots of cars and beautiful woman all the while big…


Megatron to Return in “Transformers: The Last Knight”

Home, Opinion Articles, William Tarashuk

By Will Tarashuk @WillTarashuk 6/3/2016 How many times has Megatron “died” in the “Transformers” franchise? Sources are saying 3. Well, 3 times were not enough, as Megatron will return to the Michael Bay franchise one more time for “Transformers: The Last Knight.“ Michael Bay…


“Transformers 5” eyeing a new lead alongside Mark Wahlberg

Home, Mandela Wells, News, News Articles

By Mandela Wells @MwellsDJ 4/17/16 Seems as though Mark Wahlberg will be joined by another up and coming actress for the next “Transformers” film. For the upcoming “Transformers 5,“ studios are looking at 14 year old Isabela Moner to star…


Michael Bay confirms his return for a 5th “Transformers” film

Home, Megan McGuire, News, News Articles

By Megan McGuire 1/5/16 After months of speculation, Michael Bay has confirmed he will return to direct the fifth “Transformers” movie. Bay announced the news to Rolling Stone while he promoted his most recent film “13 Hours,” based on the…


More Transformers sequels

Mandela Wells, News, News Articles

By Mandela Wells @MwellsDj 10/6/15 News of a Transformers 5 had already hit the web months ago but now it seems that will not be the only one coming in the future. The news was announced at the MIP Junior…


Two New Transformers Films currently in the Works

Edward Delaney, News, News Articles

by Edward Delaney 9/19 To Transformers fans who have been keeping up with the movie series, you will be happy to know that Paramount Pictures have announced a fifth “Transformers” movie as well as an animated film too. Transformers 5…

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