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Toni Collette


Hereditary Review

Jason Abdow, Movie Reviews, Uncategorized

    By Jason Abdow 06/13/18 Horror movies are one of the most difficult genres to review. This is because no matter how hard the filmmaker may try to frighten, disturb and scare an audience, there will be a group…


“Imperium” Trailer Released

Home, Opinion Articles, William Tarashuk

By Will Tarashuk @Will Tarashuk 7/7/2016 I feel like my childhood has been violated after seeing the trailer for “Imperium.“ That being said, wow, this movie looks great. Daniel Radcliffe plays an undercover FBI agent to infiltrate a radical right wing…


Alden Ehrenreich Photo Revealed for “The Yellow Birds”

Home, News, News Articles, Travis Martin

By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 5/31/2016 Entertainment Weekly has just unveiled the first official look at the war drama “The Yellow Birds.“ In the photo, actor Alden Ehrenreich is shown gritty and in uniform as the main character Pvt. John Bartle. Originally, actor Will Poulter was cast…


Christmas Horror film Krampus get its first official trailer released

Mandela Wells, News Articles

By Mandela Wells It has been over 3 years since we last saw a Horror/Christmas film. Coming this Holiday season will be a brand new one known as Krampus, based on the legendary German Folktale of a unusually horned figure…


Drew Barrymore’s “Miss You Already” gets release date

Mandela Wells, News Articles

By Mandela Wells Drew Barrymore is set to star in a new Dramedy Miss You Already alongside Toni Collette. The new movie is about two women who have been best friends their whole lives. Their close bond takes a turn…

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