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Tom Hardy


New Trailer and Poster for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse released

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  By Sam Bussell @BussellSamuel 06/06/18 Miles Morales has arrived. Sony Animated Pictures has released the first full length trailer for their animated  flick, Spider-Man:Into the Spider-Verse, and it won’t just be Peter Parker donning the Red and Blue suit,…


Venom Production Date announced

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  By Jason Abdow 06/19/17 Following the announcement that Sony will be releasing a standalone Venom movie, set to be released in 2018, we have now been given information regarding the production of the film. The film will be shot…


Tom Hardy Cast as “Venom” for Sony

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 5/19/2017 It looks like Tom Hardy is going from playing a DC Comics character into a Marvel one. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hardy has just been cast as the lead for “Venom,“ Sony‘s comic book adaption of the Spider-Man‘s villain and antihero. Hardy is…


“Dunkirk” Releases Full Trailer

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 5/6/2017 Warner Bros. has just released a full trailer for “Dunkirk,“ the war film from writer and director Christopher Nolan. The film centers on Operation Dynamo, where British, Belgium, Canadian, and French armies were surrounded by the Nazis on titular French beach Dunkirk….


Trailer Released for Christopher Nolan’s WWII Drama “Dunkirk”

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 12/14/2016 Warner Bros. has just released a new trailer for Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming World War II historical drama, “Dunkirk.“ The film will center on groups of British soldiers and commanders who, along with other Allied forces from Canada, Belgium, and France,…


Tom Hardy Cast in “Fonzo” as Al Capone

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 10/30/2016 Previously, it was accounted that Tom Hardy was set to play infamous Chicago gangster Al Capone in the film “Cicero.“ Now, with “Cicero” in development hell, Hardy will be playing Capone in a new movie from writer and…


This Week On The Screening Room: 10/30/16

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By:Kimberly Donahue Happy Halloweekend! It was a spooky day in the studio as the gang talked their favorite horror movies. Liv: The Exorcist, Night of The Living Dead Will:Poltergeist, The Exorcist Patrick: Poultrygeist Why do horror movies come across as…


“Dunkirk” Teaser Revealed

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 8/5/2016 A teaser has been released for Christopher Nolan‘s next film, the World War II drama “Dunkirk.“ In the teaser, which centers on the evacuation of Dunkirk, France aka Operation Dynamo, there are only images of Dunkirk’s beaches….


Daniel Craig Done With James Bond

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 5/19/2016 It looks like Daniel Craig may be done sipping martinis, carrying Walter PPKs, and romancing women as famed spy James Bond. The Daily Mail has reported a rumor that the actor will not return to play the iconic…


Tom Hardy Rumored to have Role in “Star Wars Episode VIII”

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 5/14/2016 “Star Wars Episode VIII” is already in its production stage, with many of the past stars returning and newcomers such as Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern, and Kelly Marie Tran partaking in the Rian Johnson-directed flick. Now, it…

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