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Tim Miller


Dave Wilson to Direct “Bloodshot” for Sony

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 3/6/2017 After action directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski dropped out, Sony may have found a director for the upcoming Valient Comics adaption of “Bloodshot.“ During a panel at the Emerald City Comic-Con, screenwriter and Valiant comics writer Eric Heisserer and Valiant Entertainment…


“Deadpool 2” Chooses David Leitch to Replace Tim Miller as Director

News, News Articles, Travis Martin

By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 11/19/2016 While Tim Miller left “Deadpool 2” over creative differences, 20th Century Fox have wasted no time in finding a replacement. The Hollywood Reporter states that director and stuntman David Leitch has been chosen to direct the sequel. Ryan Reynolds will once again…


A “Sonic the Hedgehog” Movie in the Works

Edward Delaney, News, News Articles

By Edward Delaney 11/3/2016 People have grown up playing “Sonic the Hedgehog” as one of their favorite past times. Some have lost countless times on the Genesis. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Robotnik have starred in countless games over the last 25 years, and now…


Director Tim Miller Drops Out of “Deadpool 2”

News, News Articles, Travis Martin

By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 10/22/2016 “Deadpool” has become Fox‘s saving grace since the lukewarm reception of “X-Men: Apocalypse” and Hugh Jackman final outing as the Wolverine in “Logan.“ However,  one of the creative parts behind the film will not be returning for the sequel. Deadline reports that director Tim…

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