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The Beguiled


Autumn Anticipation: 5 Fall Movies that might not (but should) be on your radar


By Ben Gregory 08/22/17 As Summer crawls to a close, so has the influx of blockbuster films, bringing a wide range of hits and flops to general audiences over the past couple of months. Yet, there is no need to…


Sofia Coppola wins Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival

News, News Articles, Sam Bussell

  By Sam Bussell 05/30/17 This past weekend the Cannes Film Festival held their annual awards and this year resulted in a historic win in the Directing Category. Sofia Coppola the daughter of the well known filmmaker, Francis Ford Coppola…


Trailer Out for “The Beguiled”

News, News Articles, Travis Martin

By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 2/12/2017 A new trailer has come out for writer and director Sofia Coppola‘s readapting of the western drama, “The Beguiled.“ Originally, it was a novel titled A Painted Devil by Thomas Cullinan. However, a previous film was made in 1971 starring Clint Eastwood and directed…

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