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Robin Hood Origins


Jamie Foxx cast to play Little John

Frank Deluca, Home, News, News Articles

By Frank DeLuca 1/12/2016 Jamie Foxx has been cast to play Little John in the upcoming film, “Robin Hood: Origins.” He’ll star opposite Taron Egerton is cast as the titular character. Eve Hewson is also set to play the role of…


“Robin Hood: Origins” Narrows down its Cast

Edward Delaney

By Edward Delaney 10/19/15 For anyone who has read the classic tale of Robin Hood, keep a look out for a film reboot which is currently in the works. The film titled Robin Hood: Origins has already announced Taron Egerton…


5 more actors in contention for the lead in the upcoming “Robin Hood: Origins” movie

Mandela Wells, News Articles

By Mandela Wells Currently in pre-production is the upcoming “Robin Hood” origin flick, Robin Hood: Origins. Studios are currently looking at three up and coming british actors for the lead role but now 5 notable actor names have also been…

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