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Iron Man


Avengers 4 Teaser Trailer and Poster Finally Released

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By Sam Bussell @BussellSamuel The EndGame has arrived. After months and months of speculation and anticipation, Marvel Studios has finally released the teaser trailer and poster for Avengers 4 which is now titled, ‘Avengers: EndGame‘. EndGame is the direct sequel…


Vanity Fair Magazine releases photoshoot of the MCU united

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Final Trailers and Posters released

News Articles, Sam Bussell

  By Sam Bussell 05/24/2017 Marvel Studios has released brand new looks at their next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider- Man: Homecoming. It’s the third and final trailer before everyones favorite web-slinger  comes soaring back into the theaters…


“Captain America: Civil War” Trailer Analysis: Iron Man and Cap fight, and Spidey’s Back

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By Sam Brussell @BussellSamuel 3/14/2016 Marvel Studios. What can you say about this company that hasn’t already been said. When the first Iron Man came out and the ending credits finished and the audience was surprised by the first of…


“Iron Man 4” not in the works till 2020

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By Lyndsay Crescenti 1/7/16 If you like Tony Stark, then brace yourself. Even with the success of the “Iron Man” franchise, Marvel has just indicated they have no plan for an “Iron Man 4″ until at least 2020, if not…


Captain America: Civil War breaks Records

Home, News, News Articles, William Tarashuk

by William Tarashuk 12/1/15 When Marvel releases a trailer I’s usually a big deal but when the “Captain America: Civil War” trailer came out, it broke records. According to The Hollywood Reporter the trailer hit 61 million views in the…

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