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Guardians of the Galaxy


Vanity Fair Magazine releases photoshoot of the MCU united

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Baby Driver Review

Jason Abdow, Movie Reviews

By Jason Abdow 07/06/17 If movies like “Guardians of the Galaxy” or “Suicide Squad” have taught us anything in recent years, it is that a great or memorable movie soundtrack can help make a movie stick around in people’s minds…


“Deadpool” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” Made Deals to Swap Characters

Jason Abdow, News, News Articles

By Jason Abdow 11/16/2016 Last weekend, there was a special Q&A screening of “Deadpool” in Los Angeles, where star Ryan Reynolds and screenwriter Paul Wernick answered several questions about the making of the film, its planned sequel, and the film’s…


Guardians of the Galaxy Team to Appear in “Avengers: Infinity War”

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 8/20/2016 With “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” about to come out May 5, 2017, one of the Guardians has come out to talk about the team’s involvment with their Earth counterparts. Vin Diesel, the voice of lovable…


Film and Mental Development: How Movies Made Me Talk

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 A month ago, a story was reported about how a movie helped a child speak. This was the case for Sawyer Dunlap, a six-year old boy diagnosed with dyspraxia, a neurological disorder that impaired speech, motor…

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