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Deadpool 2


Renee Ventaloro’s Top 10 Films of 2017

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  by Renee Ventaloro @renee.ventaloro 1/14/18   10. Mudbound This film is rooted in our country’s disgraceful Jim Crow era of segregation that unfolds in the Mississippi Delta. Its depiction of racial hatred, intolerance, misogyny and inherited ignorance unfortunately feels…


Atomic Blonde Poster: Charlize Theron Is Ready For Action

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  By Renee Ventaloro 06/09/17 Charlize Theron looks flawless in this Sin City-esque poster for her newest flick, Atomic Blonde. The Mad Max: Fury Road star headlines in the action-packed, David Leitch (John Wick and Deadpool 2) film as M16’s…


“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” to be Next Major X-Men with “Deadpool 2” and “New Mutants”

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 4/24/2017 The release date have been revealed by 20th Century Fox for upcoming X-Men films, along with new information on the specific X-Men storyline. The release dates are April 13, 2018 for spinoff “X-Men: The New Mutants” and June 1, 2018 for “Deadpool 2.“…


Josh Brolin Cast as Cable in “Deadpool 2”

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 4/12/2017 Despite already being cast as a Marvel character, actor Josh Brolin has been cast in another Marvel role. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brolin has been cast as  the time-traveling X-Men character Cable for 20th Century Fox‘s “Deadpool 2.“ He will be joining Ryan…


“Deadpool 2” Casts Zazie Beetz as Domino

News, News Articles, Travis Martin

By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 3/10/2017 While “Deadpool 2” is still finding the man to play Cable, the film has found its newest cast member. Star Ryan Reynolds announced via Twitter that actress Zazie Beetz has been cast as Domino. Real name Neena Thurman, Domino is the…


“Deadpool 2” Teaser from “Logan” Released

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 3/6/2017 Before the film “Logan” begins its main plot, there is a scene at the beginning of the film shows, SPOILERS, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) trying and failing to stop a robbery. Now, that scene has officially been released as a…


Drew Goddard and Ryan Reynolds to Finish Up “Deadpool 2” Script

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 2/23/2017 While Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been working hard on the script for “Deadpool 2,“ the writers may have help finishing it. Collider reports that Drew Goddard and “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds will finish up the script that Reese and Wernick…


“Deadpool 2” Chooses David Leitch to Replace Tim Miller as Director

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 11/19/2016 While Tim Miller left “Deadpool 2” over creative differences, 20th Century Fox have wasted no time in finding a replacement. The Hollywood Reporter states that director and stuntman David Leitch has been chosen to direct the sequel. Ryan Reynolds will once again…


“Deadpool” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” Made Deals to Swap Characters

Jason Abdow, News, News Articles

By Jason Abdow 11/16/2016 Last weekend, there was a special Q&A screening of “Deadpool” in Los Angeles, where star Ryan Reynolds and screenwriter Paul Wernick answered several questions about the making of the film, its planned sequel, and the film’s…


This Week On The Screening Room: 10/30/16

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By:Kimberly Donahue Happy Halloweekend! It was a spooky day in the studio as the gang talked their favorite horror movies. Liv: The Exorcist, Night of The Living Dead Will:Poltergeist, The Exorcist Patrick: Poultrygeist Why do horror movies come across as…

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