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First Full Length Trailer and Poster debuts for Red Sparrow

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  By Sam Bussell @BussellSamuel 1/08/18 20th Century Fox has released the first full length trailer and poster for the Spy thriller Red Sparrow. The film is based off the book by Jason Matthews and will star Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger…


Bright trailer released

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By Sam Bussell 07/21/17 @BussellSamuel Will Smith is getting ready to fight a whole bunch of creatures. At Comic Con, Netflix released the first full trailer for David Ayer‘s brand new sci-fi film Bright. The film is set in a…


New Teaser Released for “Bright”

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By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 2/27/2017 During the Oscars last night, Netflix released a new teaser for its upcoming crime-fantasy film, “Bright.“ The movie takes place in a alternate world where humans, orcs, fairies, elves and other mythical creatures live together in contemporary times. Two…


Will Smith and David Ayer to reteam for “Bright”

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By Mandela Wells “Suicide Squad,” director David Ayer and star of the Will Smith are looking to reunite for another project. Sources say they’re in talks to join the film  “Bright” which is a spec script written by Max Landis. Ayer is…

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