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Armie Hammer


Call Me By Your Name Review

Jason Abdow, Movie Reviews, Opinion Articles

By Jason Abdow @JasonAbdow 1/09/18 When it comes to Awards season, moviegoers understand how “Oscar bait” movies go. They usually all come out at the end of the year, trying to stand out, a few will get their deserved awards…


Jason Abdow’s Top 10 of 2017

Jason Abdow, Opinion Articles

  By Jason Abdow @JasonAbdow 1/05/18 It is said time and time again but this year was great for movies. Everything from blockbusters, indie films, horror, comedy, etc. have seen a couple potential classics come out over the course of…


Cars 3 Trailer Released

News, News Articles, Sam Bussell

  By Sam Bussell @BussellSamuel It ain’t over till Lighting McQueen says so. Disney and Pixar have just released another trailer for their second sequel in the Cars Franchise, Cars 3. The third installment takes us into the hey days…


New Characters and Cast Revealed for “Cars 3”

Jason Abdow, News, News Articles

By Jason Abdow 1/7/2016 A few days ago, Entertainment Weekly revealed a first look at Pixar’s upcoming movie “Cars 3,” the final film in the billion dollar animated franchise. These new images follow a cryptic teaser trailer that was released…


“The Birth Of A Nation” trailer finally released

Home, Mandela Wells, News, News Articles

By Mandela Wells @MwellsDJ 4/16/16   Today marks the release of the very first trailer for the Sundance hit film “The Birth Of A Nation.” The trailer begins with a surreal view of white flowers in a field coupled by…


“Frozen 2” to Begin Production in April

Home, News, News Articles, Travis Martin

By Travis Martin @tjpm1994 3/21/2016 It has been announced that production on the sequel to hit animated musical “Frozen,“ will begin next month. It was officially announced a year ago that “Frozen” would get a sequel, but now actress Kristen Bell…


Armie Hammer and Geoffery Rush to star in new drama “Final Portrait”

Home, Mandela Wells, News, News Articles

By Mandela Wells 2/1/16 @MwellsDJ A new drama is in the works. “Final Portrait” is the name of the film and it will star Oscar winner Geoffery Rush and Armie Hammer. Stanley Tucci is directing this film which is a…

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