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Screening Room Open Positions


News Writer/Publisher

This position works directly with the News Director and Assistant New Director to write assigned feature stories, opinion articles and reviews for our website. This position also has the ability to create packages to air on the show as well as report on site with the proper previous experience. Someone on-site must shadow a personnel with experience before being assigned to a location.

Copy Editor
The Copy Editor has the responsibility of overseeing all grammatical and written information published on social media, our website and in our news articles. The position solely is to critique information that will be advertised to the public, however, not to change the contents of the articles themselves.


Booking PR

The Assistant of Public Relations works underneath the Director of Public Relations in order to help book interviews, research credentials and awards, and has a big lead in demographics outreach. Should have a good sense of finding a target audience and knows a proper and professional method to distribute and create emails and answer phone calls.

Press Credential Coordinator

This position works underneath the Director of Public Relations is a major research position responsible for the aid of new events and credentials in the area. Should have a good sense of finding a target audience and knows a proper and professional method to distribute and create emails and answer phone calls



Similar to a film producer, this position will participate with the logistics and set up of all Screening Room creative ideas. They will organize and communicate with the proper personnel/staff in order to launch an idea off the ground. While the creative team explores many areas of ideas, producers will determine what will be practical for Screening Room productions.


Similar to a film screenwriter, this position develops a script for any proposed creative ideas. They will develop the story and productions as necessary to make ideas more compelling to an audience. They act as the pure creators of all external Screening Room content.


Assistant of Production

The Assistant of Production works right underneath the Director of Production in order to carry out the procedures for enhancing interviews, videos and other radio content for the websites. Should have a good sense of editing skills as well as have knowledge of YouTube and Soundcloud operations. Also works to research new ways to talk audio/visual content and spread to others.


YouTube Distributor

Responsible for the proper distribution and overseeing traffic of content on the YouTube platform, including scheduling video releases, shares to website and distribution, as well as demographic outreach for YouTube followers, channel subscribes and partnership!

Facebook/Instagram Distributor

Responsible for the proper distribution of creative/production video releases, website articles and soundcloud show audio. Will learn and practice proper demographic outreach for all followers, listeners and partnerships!


Research and Development Coordinator (R&D) *Unfilled!
The research and development position is a position that works with all outside inquires dealing with information gathering services and as a representative for future Screening Room production development. This position works directly with the Executive Board, but can also work as a “customer service” representative for any staff inquiry that cannot be answered by the Executive Board. This positions main responsibility is to develop information and research from the outside media market by determining smart and creative strategy to incorporate new systems, information and procedures for all departments and mainly Operations. This position works as a resource to developing the Screening Room into the most professional service and to provide staff members with experience that is closely relevant to the outside market. This position works directly underneath the secretary and is to report new information gathered to the Secretary before weekly Executive meetings. When new information is to be gathered, the secretary relies on this position to gather the information and report back with results as soon as possible. To clarify on responsibilities, all inquiries regarding film festivals goes to our Public Relations Development chair where all other inquires work with this position.

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