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William Tarashuk


Tommy Lee Jones joins Bourne 5

News Articles, William Tarashuk

By William Tarashuk Tommy Lee Jones has been added to the much anticipated Bourne sequel. Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are already set to return and with a name like Tommy Lee Jones added to the film, it seems to…


Rosamund Pike Joins Cast of “High Wire Act”

News Articles, William Tarashuk

Rosamund Pike earned an Oscar nomination for her performance in last year’s Gone Girl. Now she will star opposite Jon Hamm in a film called High Wire Act. Pike has made a name for herself in recent years in films…


Superhero’s Losing Their Super

Opinion Articles, William Tarashuk

With the entire Comic Con buzz surrounding “Batman v Superman” and Suicide Squad the world is surrounded by superheroes. When will it stop? Superheroes have dominated the box office and the summer season for the last decade or so, and…


Paul Walker’s brother Cody cast in his first official film role

News Articles, William Tarashuk

Remember that story in Jaws that Quint told on the boat about how he was one of the sailor who fought off sharks after his army boat sank? Well, Hollywood is making a movie about it called USS Indianapolis. Robert…

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