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The Magnificent Seven

Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

  By Mandela Wells 9/27/2016 I like the western genre, but I got into the later western films when it was starting to become less frequent. My favorite western is 1992’s “Unforgiven” with Clint Eastwood, which is different compared to…



Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

By Mandela Wells 9/16/2016 Anyone who knows anything about Oliver Stone will tell you that his movies do one major thing: help you learn something. Whether its Vietnam, John F Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Media Fascination, Football or even the drug…



Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

By Mandela Wells 9/14/2016 I used to watch the Today Show every mourning before school for about 6 years straight. I cant believe in all that time I did not hear about the Miracle on Hudson nor Chelsey ‘Sully’ Sullenberger. The…


Kubo and the Two Strings

Home, Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

  By Mandela Wells 8/26/2016 “Kubo and the Two Stings” serves as a unique animation film having been released near the end of the summer movie season. This is the story of a young boy named Kubo who has one eye…


Sausage Party

Home, Jason Abdow, Movie Reviews

By Jason Abdow 8/22/2016 I often wonder why it is certain genres always seem to play for a specific audience. Everyone knows that superhero movies are usually geared towards a general audience, dramas are directed at adults, etc. But with…


Suicide Squad

Home, Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

  By Mandela Wells 8/8/2016 Around the end of 2015, I had a number of films I was looking forward to seeing. This list included “Deadpool,“ “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,“ “Captain America: Civil War,“ “Hail, Caesar!,“ “Triple 9,“ “Finding Dory,“ “X-Men: Apocalypse,“ “Birth…


Jason Bourne

Home, Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

By Mandela Wells 8/8/2016 Matt Damon doesn’t do a whole lot of action films. However, the Bourne films have been ones that Damon continuously nails and continuously gives us complex and well rounded stories. Jason Bourne the character is one of…


Captain Fantastic

Home, Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

  By Mandela Wells 7/26/2016 “Captain Fantastic” tells a very interesting and unique story involving an actor who rarely shows his face in the public. Viggo Mortensen stars as Ben Cash, a man living in the woods with his multiple children….



Home, Movie Reviews, Sam Bussell

By Sam Bussell @BussellSamuel 7/10/2016 Whos says girls can’t kick some serious ghost butt. Director Paul Feige certainly thinks so. A remake of the classic 1984 film, “Ghostbusters,“ this films tells the story once again how scientists discovered that their was life…



Home, Movie Reviews, Raj Chidambaram

By Raj Chidambaram 7/7/2016 Are you a player or a watcher?  I was able to see a screening of “Nerve” last night, but before I do tell you my thoughts, I should educate you a little first, though.  Here is the…

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