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Movie Reviews



Edward Delaney, Movie Reviews

By Edward Delaney 11/29/2016 Alien invasion movies need to be done right in order for them to work. What I have noticed about the vast majority of films in which aliens come to earth fall into the category of either…


Manchester By the Sea

Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

By Mandela Wells 11/22/2016 I have said before to people and I say it again: Casey Affleck is arguably the most underrated actor in the industry today. He deserves more credit than he has received over the years. Affleck’s filmography…


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

  By Mandela Wells 11/22/2016 Harry Potter was and still is one of my favorite film franchises of all time. It’s also some of my favorite books ever to read. It was something I grew up on as a kid…



Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

  By Mandela Wells 11/21/2016 Award season is in full effect right now, so many great films. For Amy Adams to be in a film that’s out during this time of year is always a good thing, because it means…



Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

By Mandela Wells 11/3/2016 Ron Howard to some people is very similar to Steven Spielberg. He is able to transition from making huge epic blockbusters or big budget films to making something more grounded and award worthy. Howard’s Robert Langdon…


The Accountant

Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

By Mandela Wells 10/19/2016 Ben Affleck has had quite an up and down career since he arrived on the scene in the early 90’s. He started out in a string of low level hits such as “Dazed and Confused” as…


The Birth of a Nation

Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

By Mandela Wells 10/13/2016 Before I begin I want to make very clear that I’m on Nate Parker’s side with his whole controversy he is a talented brotha who was acquitted of case from 17 YEARS AGO NOT NOW!!!!!! This…


The Girl on a Train

Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

By Mandela Wells 10/12/2016 Book to film adaptations are some of the trickiest films to make. The writer or writers and the director is under great pressure to bring to life the pages from a book that is beloved by…


The Birth of a Nation

Jason Abdow, Movie Reviews

By Jason Abdow 10/7/2016 In all my years of going to the movies, there have only been a handful of times when the audience has left the theater in total silence. Almost as if leaving a funeral, everyone is looking…


The Girl on the Train

Kaeli Van Cott, Movie Reviews

By Kaeli Van Cott 10/4/2016 Once international bestseller The Girl on the Train by British author Paula Hawkins was announced to be a major motion picture, there was a ton of buzz around it. “The Help” director Tate Taylor signed on, and…

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