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Mandela Wells


“Creed” trailer released

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By Mandela Wells Over the years we’ve seen a single iconic character grow and change over time. That man’s name is Rocky Balboa. In the first film the man was the underdog who had nothing to lose but everything to…


New “Steve Jobs” trailer released

Mandela Wells, News Articles

A new Steve Jobs trailer has been released and we get to see more of Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender’s portrayal of the late Apple co-founder. In the trailer it is made abundntly clear that Jobs isn’t quite liked by everyone….


“Snowden” teaser trailer out now

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By Mandela Wells The first teaser trailer for the upcoming Edward Snowden bio-pic is officially out now. The teaser unfortunatly is footage free but alludes to the fact that the movie will look at Edward Snowden’s early days as an…


Tom Hanks, J.C Chandor and Will Smith to possibly join “Triple Fronteir”

Mandela Wells, News Articles×478/quality/90/? By Mandela Wells Back in 2009 it was announced that a film named Triple Fronteir was going to be made and was to be directed Kathryn Bigelow. However for a few years now the movie has been in development…


“Top Gun 2” confirmed

Mandela Wells, News Articles

By Mandela Wells There were two films in the 1980’s that established Tom Cruise as a star in Hollywood, 1983’s Risky Business and 1986’s Top Gun. After almost 29 years Top Gun 2 has finally been confirmed to be in…

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