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Jason Abdow


2nd Trailer Released for “Blade Runner 2049”

Jason Abdow, News, News Articles

By Jason Abdow 5/13/2017 After years of rumors and speculation, the official sequel to the 1982 cult-classic “Blade Runner” is finally getting a sequel and fans have finally gotten an extended look of the film thanks to a new trailer….


“Silver Wings” Being Adapted by Fox and Directed by Thomas Kail

Jason Abdow, News, News Articles

By Jason Abdow 4/22/2017 Fox 2000 has recently optioned the book “The Women With Silver Wings” and is working hard on its adaptation to the big screen. The nonfiction book, written by Katherine Sharp Landdeck, tells the true story of…


Biopic “Prince of Darkness” Cast Don Cheadle as Lead

Jason Abdow, News, News Articles

By Jason Abdow 4/13/2017 Don Cheadle has signed on to both star in and producer an upcoming biopic titled “Prince of Darkness.” The film will center on Jeremiah G. Hamilton, an African-American millionaire who worked on Wall Street in the…


“War for the Planet of the Apes” Reveals New Trailer

Jason Abdow, Opinion Articles

By Jason Abdow 4/6/2017 This summer, the “Planet of the Apes” trilogy is set to come to a close with the final chapter being “War for the Planet of the Apes.” And with that, a new trailer has come out,…


Beauty and the Beast

Jason Abdow, Movie Reviews

By Jason Abdow 3/20/2017 My opinions have been mixed on Disney’s recent decision to make live-action adaptations to many of their classic animated films. Movies like “The Jungle Book” and “Pete’s Dragon” I thought were smart, thought-out expansions onto their…


Get Out

Jason Abdow, Movie Reviews

By Jason Abdow 3/4/2017 A question that came to my mind while leaving the movie theater was, what is the purpose of a horror film? To scare you, obviously, but is there anything else the movie can do to stand…


New Trailer Released for “Alien: Covenant”

Jason Abdow, News, News Articles

By Jason Abdow 3/3/2017 A new trailer has recently been released for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming science-fiction/horror film “Alien: Covenant.” The film takes place after the events in 2012’s “Prometheus” and is the second film in a planned trilogy of…

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