By Julia Wachtel


Book Club is a film that is sure to put anyone in good spirits after walking out of the theaters.

The movie, based on four women who are in a book club together and read 50 Shades of Grey, show the friends embracing their age and sexuality in a hilarious way. The problems the women face are extremely relatable to their age demographic, while also using humor that can be universally appreciated. The four women who star in this fun rom-com( Diane-Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen) all have experienced great success in their careers; it shows with the on-point comedy and the chemistry between the actors.

Furthermore, while all the four leading ladies had their own storylines, the times that they come together always ended up being the funniest parts. Whether they were having a meeting or helping one of the group get through a tough situation, their commentary and camaraderie is what truly makes the film work. In many ways it is reminiscent of the comedy used in the classic sitcom Golden Girls. The friendship between the women and the problems they share with growing older, men, and their family members all parallel the beloved 80’s show. This film, unlike Golden Girls, does feature some raunchy humor, and is probably not appropriate for younger audiences.

Although I really enjoyed Book Club in the theaters, upon further reflection it  became obvious to me that there were several flaws in the film.The movie was not Oscar-worthy by any means: the cinematography is lackluster, with obvious green screen and some…rather disproportionate camera work (Jane Fonda’s love interest becomes the size of the moon in one scene). As for the plot, the story is essentially a happily ever after for an older generation. The male counterparts have little to no character development, making them stereotypes more than anything. However, the movie works because it is not trying to be groundbreaking, but rather entertaining, which I think it pulls off. Perhaps this is why the theaters are filled almost entirely with women to see this picture.

In my experience, the audience was the most receptive I have seen in a long time. The theater was roaring with laughter, and was entirely filled. There was even a birthday party with 20 women all together, going to see the movie to celebrate. Although Book Club is not astounding, the film is a great choice for the audience member who isn’t rushing to the theaters to see Infinity War or Solo: A Star Wars Story.