By Renee Ventaloro



Matt Damon seeks a blood-thirsty revenge on criminals invading his humdrum 1950’s town in George Clooney’s new film, Suburbicon.

The film is set in a quaint suburban neighborhood where each home resembles the one before. The clip opens with criminals breaking into Gardner Lodge’s (Matt Damon) home, murdering his wife, while leaving behind both him and his son.

Lodge, an average dorky Fifties dad, later finds out the meaning behind the break-in and murder of his wife was caused by the debt he owes to the mob. The newly found widower seeks help from his sister Margaret (Julianne Moore) to move in to help take care of his son. Ruthless mob man (Oscar Isaac) is still out for Lodge’s family to collect the debts he owes.

The trailer evolves into Atomic Blonde-esque chaos, which gets a seemly-perfect Lodge unraveled and determined for justice. After scrapping one mob man who infiltrated Lodge’s home, we see him eating a white bread sandwich sitting at the table in a blood-stained buttoned up shirt; a glimpse of foreshadowing perfected from screenwriters, Joel and Ethan Cohen.

Suburbicon will have its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film opens October 27th.