By Sam Bussell



Will Smith is getting ready to fight a whole bunch of creatures.

At Comic Con, Netflix released the first full trailer for David Ayer‘s brand new sci-fi film Bright. The film is set in a real world type of background with the source of the mystic mixed in with realism.

The film is about two cops one human and one creature embark on a regular patrol night and encounter a darkness that can alter the fate of the world as they now know it to be.

The film starts Will Smith (who will be reuniting with his Suicide Squad director) and Joel Edgerton who will be playing his mythic partner. The film also stars Noomi Rapace and Edgar Ramirez as creatures from the mythic side as well.

This will be Netflix first major big budgeted project coming in at around $100 million dollars. The film will also be co produced by Will Smiths company Overbook Entertainment.

Bright hits theaters on December 22, 2017